U.S. Contest

// Grand Prize Winner

  • $1000 cash* and a Canon Rebel T6i camera with 18-55mm zoom lens (presented by Jostens).

// Best Overall Photographer

// Category Prize Winners

Each category as outlined on the homepage of the contest website will award 1st-5th place plus honorable mentions.

  • 1st place - $500 cash* and photography accessories from Wolfe's Camera
  • 2nd - 5th place - Photography accessories from Wolfe's Camera

*Awarded in the form of a check.

 Every photo that wins 1st-5th place will have the honor of being displayed in an art gallery in New York City as part of the All-American High School Film Festival Photog Fest, October 5-7, 2018.

Photog Fest offers a scholarship to one photographer selected by Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Photog Fest officials. Students who submit their work to this photo contest will be eligible.

Judging Criteria 

What are the judges looking for?


The photo should tell a story or make the viewer curious about the events surrounding the moment of the photo

Winning photos are free of problems with exposure, sharpness or noise.

Judges will be stopped by powerful images. Look for pictures with good actions, reactions and emotions, interesting lighting, peak action, unusual and different situations and storytelling moments.

Photos that are only slightly different from previous winners won't be chosen.

Sending multiple copies of the same image or similar images is not a successful technique. Send us your single best image of a subject. Crop your photo for maximum impact before submitting.